Terry's Tune Page

Below are some traditional tunes transcribed using PC Finale. You may need to clip these a bit if you print them. If you would like the Finale version of these files send me email.

  • A'Chuachag (Scottish -- reel)
  • Kilfenora Jig (Irish -- jig)
  • Dowd's Favorite (Irish -- reel)
  • Dr. Boyd's Jig (Scottish -- jig)
  • Back of the Change House (Scottish -- strathspey)
  • Lord Dreghorn's Quickstep (Scottish -- jig)
  • Mr. Garden of Troup (Scottish -- march)
  • Bog o' Gight (Scottish -- strathspey)
  • Donaldbane (Scottish -- strathspey)
  • Farewell (Scottish -- march)
  • Allegresse (French "musette" -- waltz)
  • Ashes on the Sea (A song by Bruce Phillips)
  • Uri Zion (Israeli Dance tune)
  • Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Bit Further into the Fire (Old time fiddle tune)
  • Half Past Four (Old time fiddle tune)
  • Dos Besitos (Mexican couple dance)
  • Mrs. Norman MacKeigan (Cape Breton reel by Dan R. MacDonald)
  • Eleno Mome (Bulgarian line dance)
  • Betsy Hooper's Jig (My own composition)
  • Lord Drummond's Reel (Scottish reel from Kerr Collection)

    You'll find a lot more tunes at John Chambers' tune page. You need ABC to view/print these files.